How the metaverse is posing new ethical challenges

While promising to be a virtual utopia that will foster equality and allow for self-expression, the metaverse – as it stands – remains riddled with ethical issues that need to be addressed.

New technologies have always demanded societal conversations, and the metaverse is no different, with its ethical implications being put into question now more than ever – Meta, formerly Facebook, has recently pledged $50m for research into practical and ethical issues around its metaverse.

With Microsoft’s $70bn deal to acquire Activision Blizzard, Meta investing $10bn into acquiring and developing both hardware and software VR capabilities, and Google creating a $39.5m private equity fund for all metaverse projects, the metaverse has garnered the support of tech giants who are creating an irresistible, immersive digital world that we are all likely to partake in.


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