aeDA launches a brand new website: awesome

The ae domain administration (aeDA) a body under the UAE’s telecoms regulator authority (TRA) has launched a totally new and rebranded website which follows the themes of the current campaign that is help by the aeDA to increase the new domain name registrations under .ae and also to raise public awareness about the internet in the UAE and the cctld .ae and to further develop it into the society as the national internet pride. Way to go aeDA team!

P.S its really awesome to see the “if its in the UAE its gotta be .ae” banners all over Dubai, the earlier day I was driving in Dubai Media City and noticed the banners on all street poles and tunnels/flyovers. This is really interesting as the aeDA is promoting not only the .ae domain but also the accredited registrars that gain free audience from these banners. Once again things are being done in the UAE (Dubai) style, that is the ‘best” style.

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