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Through an exclusive contact with the domain seller, we where able to get lots of insight on the domain name.

Munir: The domain was sold a day before the posted deadline of July 26, which shows that a huge interest has been received by the seller.

Seller: “Deserving personality was decided even before the final date. Since last evening we have posted “Finalized” in the website.”

Munir: But what was the actual selling price and what was the response from the buyers; considering the high volume of advertising in a 5 day campaign through 2 newspapers (Business 24/7 and Arabic Al Bayan) and 3 radio channels (Noor Dubai, Al Khaleejiya and Al Arabiya)?

Seller: “I can say that we got lot of offers and only a couple of them were serious. To be precise, only seven were genuine. Three of them above the minimum offer amount of Five million (AED), between 5 and 6. Others very serious about it, and were ready to go above 6 million (AED). The offer amount was then appreciated to 6 Million from 23rd July Saturday in the advertisements and the website.”

Munir: This is hilarious! It’s the first time in the history of the .ae cctld that a domain name fetched such a huge sum. This sale can’t be even compared to the recent 2 character ad.com sale, which fetched just AED 5.1 million (US$ 1.4 million). This .com is 2 character generic and will have even a higher resale value later. But think about it, .com has been there since the 90’s and the .ae (in its new format after aeDA’s introduction in August 2008) is just about a year old!

This sale is a true record and stereotype breaker and will surely boost the .ae market and its publicity. No one could ever think that such a huge sale can occur in a young market like the .ae

The sale will add a benchmark to the .ae aftermarket and will boost the confidence of traders. The volume of generic and keyword .ae domain name registrations (plenty of which are still available) will surely shoot up.

Note: The sale will be considered official once the whois will reflect a change of ownership.

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That’s right, its up at 5 million Dirhams (US$ 1,366,120). This is so far the highest public asking price for a domain name of this kind, with a first of it’s kind superior public exposure by advertising the name in the UAE daily “Business 24/7” dated July 22, 2009. A full page ad titled “Premium domain name for passionate Horse lovers” and a clean website landing page that has an Arabic voice conveying the same, which leads to a thought that the seller is targeting rich local Emarati horse lovers.

About the seller: the whois shows Abdul Musavir Abdul Kader and further research shows Abdul Musavir, OZONE GROUP, INDIA as the seller and the domain name looks to be registered before August 2008 (that’s when aeDA came into the market).


From my long experience with the .ae’s, this domain name might not fetch the asking price, but due to the nature of the advertising, the name itself and the population’s mentality of owning cool and “VIP” names and plate number might even lead to a sale.

Keep in mind that the UAE is known for its royal and world’s richest horse race competition and the rural of Dubai is said to own a huge horse training facility somewhere in the most royal location of England.

The ad mentions July 26 as the date of sale finalizing and we keep monitoring the whois in case of name changes which would mean a sale.

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