Domain Days: The Premier Domain Industry Event in Dubai

Dubai, known for its modern skyline, thriving business environment, and technological advancements, is set to host one of the most anticipated events in the domain industry – Domain Days. Taking place on 1-2 November 2023, Domain Days will bring together industry professionals, enthusiasts, and experts from the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region for a two-day extravaganza of networking, knowledge sharing, and business opportunities.

As the premier domain industry event in the MENA region, Domain Days aims to create a platform for domain investors, registrars, registries, monetization, and traffic experts, web 3.0/blockchain domain enthusiasts, hosting/cloud providers, SaaS providers, and industry enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the domain industry.

Domain investors will have the chance to explore emerging market trends, gain valuable insights from industry leaders, and discover new investment opportunities. Registrars and registries will be able to showcase their services, forge new partnerships, and expand their network of clients. Monetization and traffic experts will have access to cutting-edge strategies for maximizing the profitability of their domains, while web 3.0/blockchain domain enthusiasts will delve into the world of decentralized domains and explore the potential of this emerging technology.

Hosting/cloud providers and SaaS providers will showcase their innovative solutions for domain management, security, and performance optimization, enabling attendees to discover the latest advancements in the field. Moreover, industry enthusiasts will have the chance to immerse themselves in the domain industry, expand their knowledge, and connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion.

Domain Days will also provide a platform for fruitful discussions on the future of the domain industry, addressing topics such as the impact of emerging technologies, the evolution of internet governance, and the potential of artificial intelligence in shaping the domain landscape.

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