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Munir Badr, CEO of AEserver was invited to the London Domain Summit as a Keynote speaker. He started his speech right after the welcome speech by Michael Riedl, CEO of CentralNic.

From a vantage point, Munir’s invitation to entrepreneurs and influencers resonated as a call to capture the immense potential that this region offers. The MENA region isn’t just a market; it’s a realm of untapped possibilities and opportunities that a very few have taken up so far. Now, it is ripe situation for this region to prosper digitally and in an unprecedented way. Just for example, the .AE ccTLD landscape grew over 20% in the last year itself. Making it the fastest growing TLD in the region. This presented a golden opportunity for Digital Marketing, Domain, Hosting and Cloud services, Social Media agencies and Blockchain companies to establish themselves and get a head start.

Munir Badr’s presence on the summit stage was nothing short of remarkable. He shed light on the intricate tapestry of DNS and Domain Names in the MENA region, bringing forth a wealth of data and trends that highlighted the monumental growth potential lying beneath the surface. AEserver’s towering influence in the MENA region was palpable as Munir shared the stage. His presentation was laced with the company’s dedication to innovation and empowerment, reflecting AEserver’s role as a beacon for businesses and individuals seeking to navigate the domain landscape. AEserver in itself is the largest Private Domain Name Provider in the UAE.

What truly stood out was Munir’s commitment to actionable insights. This wasn’t just another talk—entrepreneurs and influencers were offered a rare opportunity to engage with a visionary leader who not only shared knowledge but extended a helping hand to those looking to tap into the MENA market’s immense potential. For those who missed out on the London Domain Summit, fear not! Munir Badr’s passion for growth and collaboration isn’t limited to the event stage. If you’re looking to dive into the nuances of the MENA domain landscape or seeking expert insights, don’t hesitate to connect. The conversation is ongoing, and the opportunities are boundless.

To be honest, his articulation was personal which showed how much he believes in the future of the region. It served as a gentle reminder to work what you love and his speech was well received with a round of applause.

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